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Next Session: July 31st - September 8th
(last class of 2017)

Meditations on Gratitude is an online course about using photography to cultivate a daily practice of gratitude. The course is an opportunity to stretch creative muscles, reinvigorate tired vision, and create images that inspire happiness and hope. Gratitude has been called an antidote to suffering. If more.


“I looked forward to and enjoyed every lesson. I felt like I was given a treasure box to open and each time I looked in there was something new that resonated with me. The lessons challenged me to connect my photography with my heart in a multitude of ways, through examples and assignments. It was always about deepening our practice, never about the end product, or making a perfect photograph (in fact, just the opposite) and Laura’s insightful, generous, and enthusiastic guidance was exceptionally helpful. The interaction with the other students was priceless, as well, and I feel very enriched by the experience. The course leaves me filled with ideas for new and more personal work and I am sure I will continue to benefit from the lessons and practices in my photography and in life as time goes by.” -Evy Huppert



Next Session: August 21st - September 28th
(last class of 2017)

This six-week e-course is designed to inspire photographers to develop a stronger, more nuanced personal vision. Over the course of the class, we'll shake up our seeing, toss patterns out the window, and invite a fresh new vision to emerge. We'll explore what it takes to create poetic, magical, transcendent images filled to bursting with heart and soul. Exercises will help photographers shake loose more.



Next Session: September 13th - October 25th
(last class of 2017)

Candela is an e-course about moving away from a technical approach to photography, and towards an approach based on the very core of the creative practice: intuition, emotion, and heartfelt personal inquiry. Sometimes, the inner artist needs a little extra encouragement and direction. Candela is designed to support new artistic more.

This course has been absolutely incredible and I am so, so sad to see it end! I never imagined I would be walking away from it with so many new tools and ideas, so much more confidence, and a completely new way of looking at photography. Thank you SO MUCH, Laura - it’s been the most amazing experience! My head is actually buzzing with ideas and excitement!” -Romina Mandrini


Next Session: September 26th - November 3rd
(last class of 2017)

The Visionary Portfolio is an online course designed to help photographers boldly forge ahead, clear away stumbling blocks, and take significant new steps in building a personal portfolio. Portfolio creation can be a deeply enriching process, but it can also feel a bit daunting; it’s hard to know just where to start. The Visionary Portfolio is an opportunity to more.


"This course and Candela are probably the overall best courses I have ever taken because of the depth and quality of the content and the wonderful interactions. The online format has so many advantages. I really liked going over the lessons first thing in the morning or late in the evening when I had time to think and reflect rather than rushing to an evening class in rush hour traffic." -Jim Kushman


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Traveling Light is a one-week e-course that focuses on moving beyond the commonplace travel snapshot. At their best, the images we make when we travel can touch on the human spirit. They can deepen the connections we share across cultures, and illuminate the beauty found in unexpected places. Traveling Light is more.


OMG - you just turned my whole idea of travel photography on its head. How cool is that for a mere $75!? When I think of all the words I’ve read about travel photography all these years - yikes! None of them hold a candle to your thoughtful and inspiring approach. You truly are a muse!” -Patricia Hogan



Whether you are just starting out on your photographic path, looking for help reinvigorating your creative voice, or prepping for an exhibition or portfolio project, focused one-on-one sessions can be helpful. Mentoring sessions are flexible and are designed to best support each student's individual more.


Give the gift of photography! Gift certificates are available for Laura's online courses. They make a particularly nice gift for photo lovers who would prefer a fun, creative, educational experience to more "stuff." Gift certificates may be purchased for single e-courses or for e-courses plus mentoring.